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Application Programming
More than twenty years experience. Expert in C++, C, Pascal, UnrealScript, Lua. Experience in Intel Pentium assembler and Motorola 680x0 assembler.

Video Game DevelopmentBattle for Middle Earth
I was the lead engineer on Command & Conquer: Generals and Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth. I handled wide ranging tasks from video buffer effects, to artificial intelligence and frame rate optimization. I have built camera systems, AI systems, and scripting systems for these games. Both games shipped on time, and with high quality both in game stability, and outstanding gameplay and graphics.

Operating System Programming
I have written device drivers for Unix and SDX10 ( a Texas Instruments minicomputer). I wrote the boot rom, assembly language debugger and disk interface software for a Motorola 68020 based multiprocessor used for integrated circuit verification.

Graphics Programming
I studied 3D graphics at the University of Minnesota in 1982, and have written rendering code in several games using DX8 and DX9, including several pixel shaders. I have experience in 2D applications ranging from Integrated Circuit edtiors for Sun workstations, to desktop publishing applications on Windows and Mac OS.

User Interface

I have developed efficient, user-friendly user interfaces in applications ranging from FreeHand and Fireworks to the level editor for Command & Conquer: Generals

Project Management
I managed FreeHand 7, a multi-million dollar software development project. In the process we successfully completed the development on time and shipped a high quality product. I also discovered that I prefer to develop the software, rather than manage the development.

During that process I developed the skills and understanding needed to manage large projects. This understanding, coupled with my unflappable personality <grin>, makes me easy to manage as I understand the complex issues and trade-offs required to successfully develop software projects.

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