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Services - Unreal 3

Unreal 3 Platform Support
I provide optimization and feature support for UE3 on PC, XBox 360 and PS3. I have hardware for PC and XBox 360 on site, and can work on these platforms immediately.

Unreal 3 Training
I provide two days to one week seminars on Unreal 3 development for engineers and designers. I can cover eight topics per day, including Unrealscript Fundamentals, Input Handling, Weapon Customization, Animation Control and Hookup. Training can be customized for your game needs, and you can include prototyping time to develop features for your game. Read more >

Unreal 3 Project Setup
Just starting an Unreal 3 project? I can set up the game development environment and directory structure so you can easily develop your game, while maintaining the ability to efficiently merge updates to the Unreal 3 core technology into your game. Combined with a couple of days of overview training, this can get you up to speed on the Unreal 3 technology very quickly.

Feature Prototyping
I can handle a wide variety of Unreal 3 development tasks, from weapons to HUD user interface to animation hookup and control. I am familiar with lighting, post processing effects, and pixel shader technology.

Tool and Pipeline Polishing
Oftentimes a development system, such as Unreal 3, will provide 90 percent of the required tools and exporters to get your game into production. However, there are usually a few features specific to your game that are awkward, or not supported.

For example, Unreal3 provides an excellent terrain system. It allows the creation, texturing and rendering of the terrain. One game team wanted to use a tool such as Terragen to generate terrain data. I was able to quickly support the import of terragen data directly into the Unreal editor, allowing the art director to quickly try various terrain configurations.

In another instance, a GUI layout process was taking longer than it should have because it was awkward to size image data to exact pixel alignments. This workflow was improved by adding a function in the editor that automatically resized an image element so that the on screen pixel dimensions exactly matched the source bitmap sizes.


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