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Code Development
I perform rapid, high quality code development in a wide variety of areas. Direct game experience includes scripting, animation control, terrain editing and rendering, level editor development, general game play and AI, and game & editor user interface development. I also have experience in desktop publishing and web publishing.

Platform Support
I can provide platform specific optimizations (which often benefit other platforms as well) for PC, XBox 360 and PS3. Ahlquist Software is a licensed XBox 360 and PS3 developer. PC, PS3 and XBox 360 hardware is maintained on-site.

Consulting and Analysis
I can provide expert, unbiased analysis of Unreal 3 and other development platforms. If you are considering Unreal 3, I can do an analysis of how the Unreal 3 technology fits your game. I can list which features Unreal 3 provides will support your game's needs. In addition, I can point out the areas where you will need to develop custom code for your game.

If you have already chosen Unreal 3, I can show you the features of Unreal 3 you can leverage to produce the best possible features for your game.
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I have extensive experience in software development in a variety of industries, including Computer Aided Design tools for Integrated Circuit development, Desktop Publishing applciations, Web Publishing applications, and Video Games. I'm happy to provide analysis or suggestions for any software development project.

Feature Prototyping
I will quickly produce feature prototypes for your video games. I am expert in Unreal 3 development, and can come up to speed on other envionments quickly as well.

I can handle a wide variety of development tasks, from weapons to HUD user interface to animation hookup and control. I am familiar with lighting, post processing effects, and pixel shader technology.

System Design and Development
I can design and implement major systems for game development. I have built successful AI systems, pathfinding systems, and scripting systems. I built the initial implementation of the SAGE WorldBuilder level editor, used in Command & Conquer: Generals and Battle For Middle Earth.

I am skilled at debugging code in all phases of development. I have an excellent understanding of all areas of game and application development, from user interfaces and high level applicaion design to low level rendering and assembly language coding. As a result, I can identify and correct errors in all parts of a game or application.

Performance Analysis and Optimization
I have a great deal of experience in analyzing game and application performance, and optimizing to improve the performance. This ranges from analyzing rendering performance and making recommendations to the content creation team on changes to art assets, to rewriting pathfinding algorithms to improve the performance of the Artificial Intelligence routines. Note that in a perfect world performance analysis should occur at least 6 months before the ship date. Otherwise it is likely that there won't be time to make the necessary changes to improve performance.

Ahlquist Software has developed custom tools for Unreal 3 performance analysis. These tools take advantage of the Unreal 3 stats system. A low overhead data collection is performed, so that complete stats for thousands of frames can be collected. A post processing tool sorts the data by relevance to allow quick identification of slow areas, as well as occasional "spikes".

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