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Ahlquist Software provides a variety of software development services, including an individual mentoring program for software developers.

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I offer a flexible range of services from advising individuals to full system development and team leadership.

Individual advising, consulting and mentoring: I can advise technical project managers and lead developers across the full spectrum of software development including identifying problems and recommending workable solutions, improving dev team workflow, productivity and more. This option generally includes an hour or two a week of vidcon consultation adjusted according to the needs of the client.

Solo System development: I can do system design, scheduling and implementation; providing a complete solution to tech challenges. This has the advantage of requiring minimal additional resources from the client.

System development with developer leadership: I can work with one or two of the clientís developers in designing and producing systems. This option requires task tracking and light management from the client and has the advantage that the clientís developer will understand the system once it is complete.

Project Scheduling and Management: I can help teams break down tasks or projects into discrete tasks and milestones can be de-risked and validated upon completion. Depending the needs of the client, I can also lead the team through rapid prototyping and iterative development.

Additional services:

Iím happy to discuss custom arrangements to help you solve your most difficult challenges.

Quality and Scheduling Pledge:

I am committed to delivering quality on schedule with all my work. I test my work to ensure that the resulting product meets the requirements, is high quality and does not need to be sent back for rework. I am willing to provide cost and scheduling estimates, and I meet those schedules.

I can also teach the design, scheduling and validation methods I use to produce high quality software systems on schedule.