Ahlquist Software Mentoring


One on One Mentoring / Consulting.

I offer one on one consulting / mentoring across the range of software development from improving personal and team productivity to job satisfaction and managing stress.

I work with programmers, QA staff, team leads and managers of programming teams.

Topics cover a wide range including team and individual scheduling, software methodologies, and improving “Flow”.  I’ve been developing software successfully for over 30 years, and I have experience (good AND bad) with all of it.

I customize my program for each individual, so I address the issues and skills that are most important to you.

NOTE: I'm currently offering a limited number On-Target sessions at no cost for June. I'm scheduling sign up calls for May 29 and 31,  Email me for details >.

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for my video blog with tips for improving your game as a software developer. There is also a Facebook Discussion Group> if you are interested in a discussion of software development issues.

Programs available

I offer the following programs:

On-Target Program:

Focus in and identify one skill or issue, and develop strategies for improving the skill or dealing with the issue.  Four week program, includes two 50 minute one on one sessions, and email support between sessions. Cost: $690.

I’m currently offering a limited number of the On-Target programs as a service at no cost.  Gives me practice, and I meet new people!   Email me for details>

Standard program:

Multiple month program, allows multiple issues to be addressed, and solutions to be refined.  Includes two 50 minute one on one sessions per month, and email support between sessions.

Cost: $600/month.  Available for 3, 6 and 12 month terms.

Accelerated program:

Multiple month program, provides more sessions and faster results.  Includes four 50 minute one on one sessions / month, email support, and 1 - 2 short bonus sessions per month if needed.

Cost: $1000/month.  Available for 3, 6 and 12 month terms.

More Info:

You can contact me via EMAIL > , or message me on the Ahlquist Software Mentoring page on Facebook.

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