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Welcome to Ahlquist Software

I'm John Ahlquist, proprietor of Ahlquist Software. With over fifteen major commercial applications and games shipped in the last twenty years, I have the skills and experience to do rapid, high quality software development. Shipped projects >

You can take advantage of these skills and increase the number of features in your product, reduce the time to complete development, or improve the quality of your product. See my Services> for ways I can help you accomplish this.

Quality Code
I deliver high quality features with source code. This can range from small, quick prototypes, to entire systems, such as a level editor for a Real Time Strategy game. I can quickly design and implement features in a wide variety of areas, from Windows user interfaces for tools, to game AI systems, to DX9 and DX10 pixel shaders. I am also skilled at debugging all areas of video games.

Platform Support
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Ahlquist Software is a licensed XBox 360 and PS3 developer. I can provide platform specific features and optimization on PC, XBox 360 and PS3. I maintain hardware on site for PC, PS3 and XBox 360.

In addition, I can supply training to get your engineers and designers up to speed quickly on the Unreal 3 technology. Training tailored to your needs is available on the standard Unreal features, as well as extending the system in a number of areas including custom weapons, animation control and user interface.

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